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/ I A Q / a i r d i s t r i b u t i o n / r e f r i g e r a t i o n Exceptional IAQ Made Easy with FreshAire PTAC The new Friedrich FreshAire PTAC combines an energy-efficient inverter compressor with the ability to bring in conditioned make-up air. Friedrich FreshAire PTAC is a game- changer for being able to meet ASHRAE 62.1- 2013 standards, which require bringing in a specific amount of outdoor air and providing MERV 8 filtration — something that in the past only could be achieved with much larger, more complex and expensive systems. The new Friedrich unit is the only PTAC to incorporate a MERV 8 filter for outdoor air, greatly reducing air particles, allergens and other air impurities brought into the space. Unlike other PTAC units on the market that ineffectively try to improve air quality with inferior secondary refrigeration sys- tems that also increase energy consump- tion, Friedrich's FreshAire PTAC makes it convenient for property owners to deliver outstanding indoor air quality, easily and ef- ficiently. CHECK OR CIRCLE #128 NEW MINIFRESH ELIMINATES MINI SPLIT ODORS Nu-Calgon has launched a new ClenAir odor eliminator, called MiniFresh, designed to meet the challenges of indoor mini splits, PTAC and fan coil units. The MiniFresh neutralizes odors, freshens the air in rooms, deodorizes the units and keeps the evapora- tor coil and blower cleaner. The odor eliminator features a time- release feeder designed to be placed out of view on top of the return louvers of the unit. It can be installed quickly and easily in less than a minute. Whenever the indoor unit is on, the room's air and the unit will be treated, leaving the space fresh and free of offensive odors. Each MiniFresh will treat indoor units up to 12,000 Btu and will last 2-3 months. CHECK OR CIRCLE #129 products /hvac FOR MORE INFORMATION: Circle on card or enter ID number at HVACPproducts.com/market. /IAQ Pressure Sensor Features Improved Reliability, Durability Danfoss introduced its DST P100 pressure sen- sor — a new, reliable, robust and cost-effective pressure sensor. Backed by more than 30 years of experience with sensor technology and featuring a stainless steel design and hermetically sealed media interface, the sensor can withstand even the harshest application environ- ments, making it suitable for refrigeration and air condi- tioning applications. The sensor is built with a strong welded design, eliminating the need for an internal O-ring and reduc- ing the number of potential leak points. The hermeti- cally sealed design provides excellent media compatibility and makes it compliant for today's and future refriger- ants. Plus, the physical properties of its piezore- sistive silicon allow for scalable performance and outstanding overpressure and burst-pressure capabilities. CHECK OR CIRCLE #126 Cooling Solution Requires Minimal Water Usage Systecon Inc.'s CritiChill is an indirect evaporative cool- ing system with a supple- mental chiller that can be bypassed as weather condi- tions dictate. The supple- mental chiller is shut down during conditions when the evaporative cooler can ef- ficiently cool the building and is engaged for supplemen- tal cooling when conditions are not conducive for the evaporative cooler to handle all cooling needs. CritiChil provides a complete cooling solution that is both highly efficient and requires minimal water usage (California Title 24 compliant without water use). With an adiabatic cooler, the system only uses 20 percent of the water normally required by a traditional cooling tower and without the harmful chemicals. Coupled with pre-cooling operation, the system provides a level of efficiency near that of a traditional water-cooled chiller. It can be an ideal solution for data centers or other buildings with overhead sensible cooling devices that have warm water delivery. CHECK OR CIRCLE #127 /air distribution /refrigeration Industrial Fan Line Features Easy Installation Hunter Fan Company has launched an industrial fan line engineered to deliver year- round HVAC cost savings and the easiest installation features on the market to date. Dubbed the "XP," this new HVLS solution delivers highly efficient performance with a featherweight design and includes a uniquely streamlined plug-n-play, pre-assem- bled installation process that does not require any guy-wires. Available in five sizes — including 7-, 8-, 10-, 12- and 14-foot-diameter models — the XP product line is engineered with a direct drive motor for a quiet, virtually maintenance-free operation. The XP's pre-assembled components and plug-n-play wiring provide a quick and easy install. Accompanied by a 2-foot rigid mount, the XP can also be powered by read- ily available 110v input and boasts variable speed control for fully adjustable airflow. CHECK OR CIRCLE #125 Greenheck Bathroom Ceiling Exhaust Fan Features Vari-Green Technology Greenheck's line of SP bathroom exhaust fans has expanded with the addition of the Model SP-A-VG ceiling exhaust fan. The fan's motor automatically adjusts fan speed to maintain constant, quiet airflow. Three speeds can be set for each of the two different models, SP-A50-90-VG and SP-A90-130-VG, and a convenient flow selection switch allows the installer to select the appropriate airflow to resolve any test and balance issues. Licensed to bear the AMCA Seal for Sound and Air Performance, Model SP-A-VG is UL/cUL Listed for ceiling installation and meets Energy Star requirements providing increased airflow with decreased power consumption and sound. Available with Greenheck's wide selection of electrical accessories, control options and architectural and LED-lighted grilles, Model SP-A-VG is ideal for multifamily structures, hotels, hospitals and schools. CHECK OR CIRCLE #124 HVACPproducts.com HVAC & Plumbing Product News \ Special Issue 2018 16

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