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/ e q u i p m e n t New Heat Exchangers Combine Effi cient, Reliable Performance with Ease of Service Alfa Laval has recently launched its next- generation heat exchangers that offer custom- ers improved energy efficiency, reliability and serviceability. Among features is the CurveFlow distribution area, which simultaneously improves the media flow and minimizes foul- ing. The result is increased thermal efficiency, which translates to a more compact unit, as well as more sustainable energy usage. Other features include a five-point alignment system, which reduces the risks of unplanned stops by keeping the plates held in the correct position during tightening and operation. The ClipGrip gasket design provides reliable fastening of the gaskets to the plates. In addition to ensuring more dependable performance when the heat exchanger is in use, these and other features reduce maintenance costs by making the service process simpler and safer. Three models are available: Alfa Laval T8, Alfa Laval T35 and Alfa Laval T25. CHECK OR CIRCLE #121 Daikin Applied Launches Large Capacity Blower Coil Line Daikin Applied's PreciseLine offers a wide range of standard features that sets this blower coil above the rest. Standard double-wall foam construction drives higher energy efficiency and budget-minded lifetime performance, all while conditioning air for a larger space in a smaller package to meet a wide range of building designs. The standard direct drive 0-10V modulating fan motors keep comfort up and cost down. The same double-wall construction that improves energy efficiency also provides easy cleaning to minimize pathogens, contaminants and fiberglass strands for occupants of schools and medical facilities that rely on clean, healthy air. CHECK OR CIRCLE #118 hvac/ products Carrier Introduces New 16 SEER/13 EER Air Conditioner To provide more optimized cooling and heating matchups in vital air conditioning regions like Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico, Carrier is in- troducing a new 16 SEER/13 EER air conditioner in the 1.5-5 ton range. It will meet federal minimum efficiency standards, including regional standards in the Southwest, and may be eligible for additional utility rebate programs, which generally begin at the 13 EER rating. The 5 ton, single-stage air con- ditioner with a 21-inch-wide flush mount in the 90,000 Btu/hr and 110,000 Btu/hr furnaces will boast 86 percent nominal cooling capacity at 115 F ambient. The new system will also be among the most quiet in this category with sound levels as low as 68 dBA. CHECK OR CIRCLE #123 HORIZONTAL DUCTED INDOOR UNITS AVAILABLE IN TWO SMALLER CAPACITY SIZES Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc.'s Cooling & Heating Division has extended its M-Series line to include two new capacity sizes of the PEAD Horizontal Ducted Indoor Unit. The additions provide lower-capacity and higher-static-ducted options that meet the demands of today's high-efficiency homes. These low-capacity units target the Passive House and net zero energy ap- plications that continue to grow in today's energy-conscious society. The two new horizontal ducted units, PEAD-A09AA7 and PEAD-A15AA7, are compatible with SUZ and MXZ-series outdoor units and are small enough to be concealed within an attic or closet space. CHECK OR CIRCLE #120 /equipment FOR MORE INFORMATION: Enter ID number at HVACPproducts.com/market or circle on card. High-Efficiency Residential System Includes Built-in Advanced Charge Monitoring The new Luxaire Acclimate Variable Capacity Residential Systems from Johnson Controls are high-efficiency residential systems with built-in ad- vanced charge monitoring. Charge Smart monitoring and other advanced technologies work together to offer greater precision and convenience in system operation, improved efficiency and homeowner comfort. Built-in Charge Smart monitoring on air conditioners and heat pumps helps ensure units are charged correctly when installed by providing a direct readout of high- and low-system pressures and suction and liquid line temperatures, while also calculating system superheat and subcooling, all without connecting gauges, sensors or accesso- ries to the units. This quick and accurate means of measuring refrigerant charge saves contractors a significant amount of time during installation and routine maintenance as it maximizes service life and delivers homeowner peace of mind. CHECK OR CIRCLE #119 NEXT-GENERATION COMMERCIAL ROOFTOP SYSTEM CONNECTED WITH FLEXIBLE CONTROLLER Trane introduces the next generation IntelliPak commercial heating, ventilating and air conditioning rooftop system connected with Symbio 800, a flexible controller designed to improve the customer experience at installation and throughout the life of the system. The new high- efficiency system is ideal for industrial, healthcare, education and retail facilities that require greater efficiency and connectivity. The system's upgraded variable speed technology allows Trane to offer a unit at each tonnage that meets the Consortium of Energy Efficiency advanced tier with a rating up to a 17.8 IEER. The rooftop system also meets regulatory compliance; all heat exchangers satisfy the 2023 Department of Energy code of at least 81 percent steady state efficiency. CHECK OR CIRCLE #122 HVACPproducts.com Special Issue 2018 \ HVAC & Plumbing Product News 15

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