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and Uponor, has introduced the Phyn Plus smart water assistant + shutoff. The smart water monitoring system protects families and their homes from leak damage with unmatched accuracy and reliability. The system monitors and measures tiny fluctuations in water pressure to detect and alert homeowners the moment a leak is identified. Upon installation, the system learns about the homeowner's personal water system and continues to get smarter over time. When a change in normal water usage is detected, the mobile app will alert homeowners in real time and, in the event of a major leak, like a pipe burst, turn off water automatically with its built- in shut-off valve. CHECK OR CIRCLE #111 7. NEW HOME WATER TECHNOLOGY DELIVERS EARLY LEAK DETECTION Reliance Worldwide Corporation recently launched Streamlabs, a new smart home water technology. Providing early leak detection notification and real-time data about water consumption habits, the technology will help to protect against costly water damage. The abil- ity to customize alerts and configure settings using a smartphone app enables monitoring of plumbing systems from any location. The monitor utilizes ultrasonic technology to deploy sound waves both downstream and upstream through plumbing pipe, measuring the difference in "time-of-flight" between two specified points to obtain accurate flow data. The data is recorded by the monitoring system, where it can be easily accessed by the end user. CHECK OR CIRCLE #112 8. SMART HVAC MONITORING DEVICE FEATURES AMAZON ALEXA INTEGRATION The AirPulse intelligent Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning monitoring system by Breezi features sensors to detect HVAC health and environmental conditions, along with onboard algorithms to transform the data into informa- tion. Its differential pressure sensors track an air filter's condition, while readings from the temperature and humidity sensors help determine conditions that could promote mold growth. The system also features integration with Amazon's Alexa voice-enabled virtual as- sistant. With the Breezi Alexa Skill, users can issue Alexa commands and ask questions. Additionally, installing the AirPulse could not be easier: Push the small, elegantly designed unit into the filter. There's no need to drill holes in ducts, or find an external power source. CHECK OR CIRCLE #113 10. LIGHT-POWERED DIGITAL DIFFUSER CAN BE CONTROLLED WIRELESSLY The Helios variable air volume diffuser from Titus now has a solar-powered, wireless control. The Helios wireless control harnesses the power of indoor lighting or direct sunlight to personalize temperature control. One thermostat control can power up to 15 diffusers in a single zone. Pairing does not require line-of-site between the control and the diffusers, allowing greater flexibility in placement and de- sign. Helios VAV diffuser and wireless control are equipped with a solar cell that, because they can be charged by 100 lumens of ambient light, don't require an outside power source, decreasing in- stallation costs and improving energy efficiency. CHECK OR CIRCLE #115 11. SMART VACUUM PUMPS FEATURE DIGITAL CONTROL INTERFACE NAVAC's NRP8Di and NRP6Di are the market's first smart vacuum pumps. Featuring a digital control interface, the unit offers intuitiveness with features such as task reminder, extended evacuation for improved vacuum and precision vacuum measurement technology with display. An automatic solenoid valve prevents oil back- flow and reduces vacuum decay during a power outage or accidental shut-off. NAVAC vacuum pumps utilize an ultra-efficient DC Inverter — which, among other benefits, makes it approxi- mately 20 percent lighter than other units in its class. Despite its weight, the vacuum pump is nonetheless powerful with twin cylinders. CHECK OR CIRCLE #116 12. ADVANCED AIR MEASUREMENT SYSTEM FEATURES INDUSTRY- LEADING MAXIMUM 128 SENSORS The Ruskin TDP05K advanced thermal dispersion air measurement system for airflow and tempera- ture measuring averages multiple velocity and temperature points within the duct or plenum — arriving at the most accurate air measurements for demanding applications. Each airfoil-shaped probe can have up to eight moisture-resistant flex sensors. Users can specify up to 16 probes for any given opening, providing a maximum of 128 sensing points, each capable of measuring a velocity range from 0 to 5,000 fpm. Sensors are calibrated at 25 points. Analog outputs report airflow and temperature. A wire- less remote display option duplicates all func- tions of the primary probe's display — simplifying setup — and can be installed up to 200 feet away. The primary remote controller or remote display can be wired on the probe network up to 500 feet away from the installed air measurement sta- tion's location. CHECK OR CIRCLE #117 FOR MORE INFORMATION: Circle on card or enter ID number at HVACPproducts.com/market. cover 9. ALL-IN-ONE TOOL FOR INSPECTING, DIAGNOSING & MAINTAINING HVAC/R SYSTEMS FLIR Systems' new DM64 HVAC True Root Mean Square Digital Multimeter with Temperature is designed for professionals who install, inspect and maintain HVAC/R systems. The feature-rich DM64 has the user-friendly design and durability HVAC professionals need, mak- ing it ideal for field use. It offers both non-contact and probe voltage detection, accurately measures high and low voltage and measures temperatures up to 752 F with the included Type-K thermocouple. This multimeter has several measurement modes, including LoZ (low impedance), relative zero and variable-frequency drive (low-pass filter). CHECK OR CIRCLE #114 8 10 11. S DIG NAV first con wi ev va A flo ou pu wh m its c non 10 11 12 9 HVACPproducts.com Special Issue 2018 \ HVAC & Plumbing Product News 13

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