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aging technology Piping case study D U C T N E W S P A G E 1 9 Equipment Summer-ready with high-effi ciency air conditioners and other equipment ools the spotlight today's top HVAC plumbing tools P A G E 1 5 0 P A G E 1 2 Staying connected with high-tech products Valves & More A collection of the most recent plumbing valves, piping and fi ttings Tech Roundup SPECIAL ISSUE Falcon Stainless, Inc. We Don't Make Widgets! We actually care about the quality and performance of our products. For 35 years, we have been manufacturing superior CSS flexible connectors for our friends and customers all over the world. Be a friend to your customers...sell, buy, install Falcon products. They will thank you because you treat them like family! If it's good enough for "our" house, it's good enough for yours! www.worldsbestconnectors.com www.worldsbestconnectors.com Temecula, CA 92590 Tel: (818) 767-FLOW • Fax: (818) 768-8533 falcon1981@pacbell.net If your Wholesaler doesn't currently stock Falcon, call us at 800-814-8444 and we will help you find one that does! viega.us/About-us ALWAYS ASK YOURSELF THE RIGHT QUESTIONS And you'll always find the innovative answers For over 115 years, Viega has found new ways to reinvent itself and, in doing so, has consist- ently discovered new ways of manufacturing to the highest quality. By constantly developing new products, we give our customers the decisive edge in their daily work through saved time or improved safety. The introduction of the ProPress system and the development of Smart Connect technology are two good examples of this. Viega. Connected in quality. Comfort Flo Built-in recirculation pump No need for costly external parts saving time and money. Built-in insulated buffer tank No "cold water sandwich" effect and no minimal fl ow rate issues. Proven performance since 2012. To get the inside story on Navien tankless go to TanklessMadeSimple.com nal recirculation system only on the Navien NPE-A condensing tankless water heaters No cold water sandwich Faster installation time No costly external parts All parts under same warranty No minimum fl ow rate required Navien NPE-A with ComfortFlow internal recirculation system YES YES YES YES YES Tankless unit with external buffer tank and recirculation pump YES NO NO NO NO Tankless unit with recirculation pump only NO NO NO NO NO A l w a y s a s t e p a h e a d MARKETPLACE ADVERTISE CONTACT READ THIS ISSUE!

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