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/ e t c . / t o o l s products /hvac /etc. Cool Air Products Introduces Refrigerant Leak Repair The newest innovation from Cool Air Products offers an external leak-stopping solution that's both easy to apply and suitable for any material. AC/ Smartseal External is a putty- like compound that creates a strong seal with no mess and no need for a flame. The product is compatible with all lubricants and refrigerant gases, and leaves no residue in the lines. The solution works flawlessly within a temperature range of -148 to 520 F. The material is inert and cures quickly. It's capable of sealing leaks up to 5 mm and pressure up to 825 psi. Once ap- plied, the product forms a permanent seal. No tools or additives are required to apply the product. CHECK OR CIRCLE #170 Buffer Tank Features Increased Temperature Rating, Durable Jacket The Argosy buffer tank has been recently introduced by Flexcon Industries. The temperature rating has been increased on composite tanks using new resins. In addition, the company has partnered with BASF to insulate tanks with the latest foam insula- tion, providing the highest R value insulation. Finished by wrap- ping the tank in a durable plastic jacket, this tank will not rust, does not need an anode rod, is lightweight and will keep the water hot (or cold in chilled water applications) to less than a ½ degree temperature loss per hour. CHECK OR CIRCLE #168 Press Fit Solution Provides Reliable, Permanent Joint Conex Bänninger's >B< MaxiPro is a flame-free press-fit solution for ACR copper pipe joints. The solution has been developed specifically for air-conditioning and refrigeration applications and utilizes a three-point press system to provide a reliable, permanent joint that can be complet- ed more quickly than traditional braze. As a mechanically strong joint, using >B< MaxiPro means there is no need for a fire watch, the risk of fire is eliminated and it can be used in confined spaces. It can be used up to a maximum operating pressure of 700 psi and each fitting comes with a five-year warranty, when the official training program is undertaken and the installation is made in line with Conex Bänninger guidelines. CHECK OR CIRCLE #169 AC Security Cages Help Prevent Vandalism, Theft The new AC Security Cages from DiversiTech Corp protect mini-split outdoor condensing units from theft, vandalism or damage. Available in three sizes that match more than 90 percent of all mini splits on the market, the protective metal enclosures feature a textured finish to complement common mini-split cabinet colors. The product comes flat-packed with all hardware included for either a wall or standalone mounting op- tion. The unique sliding panel design makes installation quick and easy — all panels can be removed for maintenance by unscrew- ing just four bolts. An optional field-supplied padlock provides a stronger theft deterrent. CHECK OR CIRCLE #171 Infrared Guided Measurement Technology Helps Professionals Spot Problems FLIR recently introduced the FLIR DM285 thermal imaging digital multi- meter, an industrial inspection, troubleshooting and diagnostic tool ideal for HVAC/R inspection applications. Field service professionals can use the DM285 for non-contact thermal imaging to quickly scan for overheating system components, and then use it to test functions to troubleshoot and diagnose the fault. The 18-function tool stores data for 10 sets of 40 k sca- lar measurements and 100 images, and offers a recall function for data re- view in the field. It includes a built-in worklight and flexible battery options, including the long-life FLIR TA04 Li-Poly rechargeable battery or standard AA batteries that ensure operability 24/7. CHECK OR CIRCLE #173 CoilPro CC-201T Makes On-the-Go Coil Cleaning Easier Goodway Technologies has launched the CC-201T coil cleaning system, which brings greater portability when cleaning coils in place. The system is designed to make it easier and faster to perform on-the-go cleaning of coils in mini-split systems, packaged terminal air conditioners and interior air handlers. The CC-201T includes a portable design and custom pump system that uses a pressurized water system to safely remove dust, dirt and debris from a variety of coils. It can be connected to a water source for continuous cleaning or there is a convenient built-in storage tank that holds 8 gallons of water. CHECK OR CIRCLE #174 FOR MORE INFORMATION: Circle on card or enter ID number at HVACPproducts.com/market. /tools DURABLE POLYMER EQUIPMENT MOUNTING PAD SIMULATES TEXTURE, COLOR OF CONCRETE RectorSeal ArmorPad is a light, strong and durable equipment mounting pad product line for residential and light commercial air conditioning condensers. The pad is constructed of a dense foam core base enveloped in a shell of durable polymer on five sides that simulates the texture and color of gray concrete. The entire product line saves jobsite costs, because only one person is needed to transport and install it. For example, a 36-inch-square by 3-inch-high pad weighs 8 pounds, versus competing foam core pads with cementitious shells weighing 35 pounds or solid concrete pads weighing more than 300 pounds. CHECK OR CIRCLE #172 HVACPproducts.com HVAC & Plumbing Product News \ Spring 2018 30

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