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/ I A Q Plasma Air Unveils Latest Version of IAQ Procedure Software Program Plasma Air International has released PlasmaSoft 3.0, a web-based soft- ware program that calculates and compares contaminant levels using both ASHRAE's Standard 62.1 Ventilation Rate Method and the Indoor Air Quality Procedure in reducing outside air intake. Consulting engineers and other related professionals have the ability to leverage a reliable program to perform these calculations, while storing project data in the cloud. The software enables commercial and institutional builders and developers to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs while improv- ing IAQ. CHECK OR CIRCLE #163 DEDICATED OUTDOOR AIR SYSTEM DELIVERS BREAKTHROUGH IN OPTIMIZATION OF IAQ, ENERGY EFFICIENCY Addison's Linear Capacity Dedicated Outdoor Air System optimizes both indoor air quality and energy-efficient operation across a wide scope of commercial applications. With greater than 50 percent energy savings versus the conventional fixed-capacity DOAS (according to Florida Solar Energy report FSEC-CR-2044-16), the new DOAS delivers optimized linear performance from 100 percent down to 20 percent of the ventilation load. The unit's patent-pending Active Coil Exposure demand- based ventilation technology optimizes variable refrigerant capacity and air flow modulation, which allows for tailored ventilation based on building occupancy, occupant activity and/or target VOC levels. CHECK OR CIRCLE #162 Flexible Air Purifi er Designed for Mini Splits, Ductless HVAC Systems Nu-Calgon has introduced the iWave-M, a new mini flexible air purifier specifi- cally designed for mini splits and other ductless HVAC systems. The compact iWave-M fits cooling coils up to 36 inches and can flex easily in the field to accommodate virtually any application. The air cleaners apply needlepoint bi-polar ionization to treat the air as it passes through a home's HVAC system, killing mold, bacteria and viruses in the coil and the living space. The products also reduce allergens, smoke, odors and particles in the air. CHECK OR CIRCLE #158 Air Treatment System Introduced for In-Duct HVAC Systems, Mini-Split Units RGF Environmental Group, Inc. recently introduced its latest two prod- ucts for the HVAC/indoor air quality industry. Both Clear Sky DM and Clear Sky MS are designed as a low-cost, self-cleaning, maintenance- free treatment option for HVAC systems. The systems produce high concentra- tions of both positive and negative ions that reduce bacteria, mold and particulates in the conditioned space. The continuous self-cleaning technology is achieved by ultrasonic energy coupled with induced oscillations targeted directly to the carbon ion emitters. The Clear Sky DM is a 24 VAC input unit that attaches directly to the inside of the air handler via its integrated magnets. The Clear Sky MS is a 100-277 VAC input unit that attaches directly to the top of the mini-split unit with simple hook and loop adhesive. CHECK OR CIRCLE #161 Duct-Mounted Monitor Delivers Real-Time, Long- Term Analysis of IAQ TZOA (pronounced Zo-AH), has un- veiled Haven, a professionally installed device that makes existing HVAC sys- tems smarter, longer lasting and more effective at ensuring air quality within the home. It is a duct-mounted air quality monitor offering real-time and long-term analysis of the entire home. Haven detects particulate matter with sensors that count individual par- ticles, and distinguish between PM10, which are particles such as pollen and dust that trigger allergens, and PM2.5 particles such as from vehicle exhaust and cooking that are much finer and more harmful. It also detects a variety of other air quality measurements in- cluding pressure, air flow, humidity and chemicals. The monitor delivers filter status and important air quality data to users via a smartphone app. CHECK OR CIRCLE #160 products /HVAC /IAQ AIR CURTAIN LINE COMBINES TRUE HEPA AIR PURIFYING SYSTEM, UV SANITIZER Mars has combined a true HEPA air purifying system and a UV sanitizer to its line of industry-leading air curtains. The Mars HEPAC section utilizes a 99.99 percent (0.3 microns) filtration system capable of disinfecting airborne Listeria, Salmonella and E. Coli and even smaller particulates. Mars' dual-function cleaning filters deploy a three-step process to eradicate the pathogen: interception of particles, impaction and diffusion. The 2-inch MERV 8-rated pre-filters increase the HEPAC's filter lifespan by reducing the accumulations of larger particles that can prematurely clog the HEPA filter. The Mars UV unit enables dramatic odor reduction, including VOCs, with dual-function lamps. CHECK OR CIRCLE #159 FOR MORE INFORMATION: Circle on card or enter ID number at HVACPproducts.com/market. HVACPproducts.com HVAC & Plumbing Product News \ Spring 2018 28

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