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/ e q u i p m e n t products /hvac FOR MORE INFORMATION: Circle on card or enter ID number at HVACPproducts.com/market. /equipment Ultra-Aire Launches In-Wall Dehumidifier Therma-Stor offers the first true in-wall dehumidifier that can provide dedicat- ed moisture control in multi-family dwellings, adaptive reuse buildings, hotels and senior and student housing. The Ultra-Aire MD33 features a slim profile, allowing it to easily fit inside 2-inch by 6-inch stud walls and provide a solution in environmental control technology that the industry has sought for years. The Ultra-Aire MD33 is Energy Star certified and runs independent of the HVAC system in order to ensure that the space is protected from high humid- ity levels. The unit removes up to 33 pints of water daily, and features a digital RH controller behind a tamper-proof cover. Sized for up to 1,200 square feet, the MD33 can be hardwired into existing electrical or directly plugged into a 110 volt outlet with the provided cord. It is designed to directly drain for a truly hands-off dehumidification system. CHECK OR CIRCLE #151 Commercial Rooftop HVAC Unit Now Available in 60 Ton Capacity Modine Manufacturing Company has released the new Atherion D cabinet, an HVAC commercial rooftop unit with up to 60 ton capacity. The cabinet comes with top-mounted condenser coils with EC condenser fan motors. Right- and left-side access doors offer easy maintenance access to blower, filter, damper and heat section. The unit is ideal for any large building that needs ventilation and/or makeup air. It has a wide range of modulating capability, which results in high part-load efficiency with superior temperature and dehumidification control, regardless of climate extremes. CHECK OR CIRCLE #149 NEW PORTABLE EVAPORATIVE COOLER COMBINES HIGH-VELOCITY, PATENT-PENDING TECHNOLOGY The new Portacool Hurricane 360 is a modern cooling marvel. This evaporative cooler combines high-velocity and patent-pending cooling technology to provide impressive temperature drops. The Hurricane 360 features four Portacool Cat5 Air Boosters that deliver an extra surge of air for maximum cooling comfort. Additionally, the Hurricane 360 is equipped with Kuul Comfort evaporative media, made in the U.S. exclu- sively for Portacool products. Additional features include four locking casters, automatic pump shutoff and a lifetime warranty on evaporative cooler housing against manu- facturing defects, along with a five-year warranty on all electrical components. CHECK OR CIRCLE #150 Daikin Launches New VRV T-Series Water-Cooled Systems Daikin North America LLC has announced the launch of the new VRV T-Series Water-Cooled condensing units providing all the same attri- butes of an air-cooled VRV system such as low sound levels, advanced comfort control and zoning, plus the added flexibility for cold climate applications and buildings with water loops or geothermal applications. The new VRV T-Series provides efficiency improvements of up to 37 percent IEER and up to 33 percent COP compared to previous PC-Series. New modules are available in compact, single module 8, 10 and 12 ton sizes. Single modules can be manifolded together, with up to three units to form one system of up to 36 tons. CHECK OR CIRCLE #148 BARD MANUFACTURING INTRODUCES NEXT GENERATION OF INNOVATION IN FREE COOLING The new FUSION-TEC wall- mount combination direct air control economizer/ air conditioner from Bard Manufacturing Company maximizes free cooling op- portunities through a counter- flow/reverse airflow process. Productive outdoor air for free cooling is brought into the system from the lower portion of the chassis. The heat in the shelter/e-build- ing is pushed up and out of the economizer exhaust at the top of the chassis — completely eliminating any possibility of recirculating hot exhaust. When outdoor air is inefficient for free cooling, the system utilizes a staged mechanical cooling system that operates at an IPLV of 15.7. And, the two-stage compressor, variable speed blower and EEV add pre- cise cooling to match the load over a large range. This system is engineered to control both temperature and humidity. CHECK OR CIRCLE #152 FRIEDRICH INTRODUCES NEW ADVANCED DEHUMIDIFICATION OPTION FOR VRP Friedrich has unveiled a new dehumidification op- tion for its variable refrigerant packaged heat pump system, solving a major issue for property owners in high-humidity regions, like the Gulf Coast, South and Midwest, where warm, moist air can cause significant maintenance issues and increase mold, unpleasant odors and allergens. By utilizing a hot-gas reheat circuit, the new VRP dehumidification option borrows energy that is wasted in a typical air-conditioning cycle, and uses it to reheat the return air so the unit can continue to dehu- midify longer. Combined with the exceptional make-up air capabilities and other indoor air quality advantages that come standard, VRP is a sim- ple, flexible, easy-to-install and maintain in-closet solu- tion that eliminates the need for costly and complicated large, specialized systems. 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