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/ d i s t r i b u t i o n & v e n t i l a t i o n Start Saving Now.. 1-800-697-6283 www. PowerMate .info & LiftGates Way to Move it Smarter PowerMate safely moves all your heavy loads. From hot water tanks and boilers to furnaces, A/C units and sewer machines, and much more while saving you money! nf o o o o o o o m oves all yo u r hot water tanks a ces, A /C units a a d d d nd nd nd much n g nd m y ou o ne y! M3 M M M330 M330 M3 M M M 39 39 39 3900 90 900 39 90 9 hvac/ products /distribution & ventilation New Ruskin Minicore Ventilators Exceed 50 Percent Total Energy Recovery Eff ectiveness Two new Minicore energy recovery ventilators from Ruskin — enERVent models MCV500 and MCV1000 — exceed 50-60 percent total energy recovery effectiveness with 0.5 percent cross-contamination. Both models feature a compact 16-inch chassis — ideal for ceilings and small spaces — and a best-in-class hydroscopic resin energy recovery core with no moving parts for maintenance savings and long-lasting comfort. The heat exchanger technology also exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 standards to accommodate future governmental regulations. The ERVs are AHRI 1060 certified. Both models span a wide range of airflow needs, from 300 to 1,200 cfm, and include ad- vanced Johnson Controls Metasys controls with BACnet as options. ECM options provide soft starts, overload and locked rotor protection, thermal projection and easy RPM adjustment. CHECK OR CIRCLE #145 Fan Filter Unit Features Airfl ow Capacity up to 1100 CFM AJ Manufacturing has introduced a re-designed and re-engineered version of its Criti-Clean fan-powered laminar flow HEPA filter diffuser. The Criti-Clean Ultra offers an unprecedented output capacity of up to 1100 cfm. Ideal for hospital operating rooms, clean rooms and other critical environments, the new diffuser provides constant airflow, automatically compensating for changes in filter load, static pressure and more. The unit runs both energy efficiently (only 25 watts at 90 fpm) and quietly (only 39 dBA at 450 cfm). CHECK OR CIRCLE #146 High-Effi ciency Radial Fans Available For Immediate Shipment A complete line of high-efficiency radial fans ideal for use in wall-mount air-con- ditioning units, commercial kitchens and cleanrooms is available for imme- diate shipment from Rosenberg USA, Inc. Designated the DRAD Series, these compact blowers feature forward- curved impellers in diameters ranging from 5.24 to 15.75 inches, perfect for air-conditioning evaporator applica- tions from 1.5 ton to 15 ton capacity. DRAD blowers provide a maximum 8,800 cfm cooling capacity in a space-saving package without external motors, belts or external shafts. Developed for moving clean air, the fans' impellers are made of galvanized sheet metal directly mounted to the rotor of the external rotor motor. The high-efficiency radial fans are speed controllable with a VFD and offer extremely low starting currents. They install in any position. Standard motor protection is achieved using thermal contacts in the fans' motor windings. Custom fan and motor development is available to fulfill particular requirements. CHECK OR CIRCLE #144 Seresco Introduces Highest-Effi ciency Ventilation for Indoor Pools Seresco USA Inc. introduces the Natatorium Ventilation- Series, an efficient, compact, non-compressorized ventilation system for conditioning natatorium environ- ments with outdoor air and heat recovery, but without compromising indoor air quality. Available in sizes up to 65,000 cfm, the series is designed specifically for indoor pool and waterpark environments ideally located in cooler, drier summer climates. The NV-Series uses 100 percent outdoor air to control temperature and relative humidity without the energy requirements of mechanical DX methods. The series features a glycol run-around loop for heat recovery. CHECK OR CIRCLE #147 CIRCLE ID #18 ON READER SERVICE CARD OR GO TO HVACPPRODUCTS.COM/MARKET

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