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/ t o o l s / e t c . NEW MID-RANGE IMPACT WRENCH PROVIDES HIGH TORQUE Dewalt introduces two new 20V MAX* 1/2" Mid-Range Impact Wrenches (DCF894 and DCF894H). They are available in detent pin style for users who need maximum socket retention, and hog ring style for users who value being able to quickly change sockets. Each tool is ideal for use overhead or when space is constrained in applications that require high torque, including plumbing and mechanical. At 3.48 pounds (tool only) and 6.95 inches to the front of the anvil, the impact wrenches are compact, yet deliver high power and torque. Each tool achieves 0-3,100 impacts per minute and no-load speeds from 0-900 and 0-2,000 rpm in two mode settings (low and high) de- signed for use in a wide variety of applications, including threaded cou- plings and pipe flanges. CHECK OR CIRCLE #150 v il, u e. s d e- cou - Boiler Cleaner and Treatment Protects from Corrosion, Scale Formation & Bacterial Growth Boiler-Aide 2-N-1 All Purpose Boiler Cleaner and Treatment from J.C. Whitlam Manufacturing Company is a liquid boiler treatment with anti-corrosion inhibitors that can be used in all steam and hot water boilers. The treatment protects boiler systems from corrosion, scale formation and bacte- rial growth. The boiler water treatment removes sludge, mineral deposits and inhibits corrosion on all metal surfaces inside the boiler and pipes. It prevents oxygen pitting and formation of lime scale, eliminates surging and foaming and controls pH of boiler water. Boiler-Aide helps in increasing boiler efficiency and decreasing fuel consumption. The treatment is free from petroleum distillates and is compatible with seals and gaskets. CHECK OR CIRCLE #146 products /plumbing /tools FOR MORE INFORMATION: Circle on card or enter ID number at HVACPproducts.com/market. Zurn Rolls Out Additions to Floor Drain System Portfolio Zurn Industries, LLC has expanded its EZ1 floor drain system portfolio to in- clude drains that meet a wider variety of applica- tions. The full line of EZ1 drains makes installation easier than ever for con- tractors. The EZ1 drain comes pre-assembled and ready to install. The low-maintenance drain sets up fast, thanks to integrated packaging that includes hardware and instructions right underneath the cover, in addition to the product's post- pour adjustment capabilities and tilt shims. CHECK OR CIRCLE #148 Reliance Worldwide Corporation Adds 100 New Products to Sharkbite, Cash Acme Off ering Reliance Worldwide Corporation, a manufacturer of plumbing and water control systems marketed and sold under the SharkBite Plumbing Solutions, Cash Acme and HOLDRITE brands, has add- ed 100 new products to the SharkBite and Cash Acme lines across 23 product categories. Categories include frost-free anti-siphon sillcocks, gate valves, supply connection kits, 45 degree elbows, slip adapters, PVC caps and ball valves, washing machine valves, home run manifolds, multi-port tees and large-diameter barb fittings. CHECK OR CIRCLE #147 Smart Circulator Ideal for Heating, Cooling, Potable Water Applications Bell & Gossett introduces the new ecocirc 19-16, a vari- able speed ECM circulator with onboard intelligence that automatically adjusts pump performance to en- sure the highest efficiency over a wide operating range. Designed to be set once and forgotten, the circulator's built-in intelligence supplies the motor with the precise frequency and voltage for optimum performance. The permanent magnet in the motor means there is no power wasted to magnetize the rotor and ensures the motor delivers superior starting torque and energy efficiency compared to standard induction motor cir- culators. In addition, the only moving part is the rotor/ impeller unit, eliminating shaft and shaft seals and extending product life. A special retaining ring design means the pump motor can be rotated to any position, providing easy access to the electrical connection and control dial. CHECK OR CIRCLE #149 NEW HYBRID DRAIN AUGER FEATURES CORDLESS CONVENIENCE The 18V ONE+ Hybrid Drain Auger offers superior perfor- mance to rid sinks and tubs of slow draining. This Hybrid Drain Auger features hybrid technology, which means it can run off a Ryobi One + battery or electric power with provided power supply. The reinforced auger cable and powerful motor easily clear clogged drain pipes up to 2 inches wide. The innovative chuck design allows users to easily drive the 25-foot-long cable to the clog and break it up, then quickly switch to retract. CHECK OR CIRCLE #151 /etc. HVACPproducts.com HVAC & Plumbing Product News \ Winter 2017/2018 28

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