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/ e t c . products /hvac /etc. Reusable Insulation Systems Can Save Millions of Btu Shannon's Insultech system insulates a wide array of ap- plications including gate valves, strainers, PRVs, control valves, flange sets, stop check valves, steam & mud drums, level gauges, condensate pumps, steam meters, expansion joints, drip legs, threaded fittings and more. The company's ASTM-tested blankets are a reusable solution, not just removable. Although Shannon has a specification standard to meet every application, its blankets commonly include features such as stainless steel lacing hardware with wiretwist fasteners, double- sewn and binded seams and silicon-PTFE impregnated fiberglass cloth. CHECK OR CIRCLE #159 Series of Condensate Pumps Simplify Install, Serviceability Process Franklin Electric Co., Inc. offers the Little Giant VCMX-20 Series of Condensate Pumps for the automatic collection and removal of condensate from air conditioning, refrigeration and dehumidification equipment when gravity drainage is not possible or practical. It was designed to be the easiest condensate pump on the market to install, service and/or replace — thus allowing contractors to quickly install the pump and get on to other jobs. Its slim 4.8-inch by 10.2-inch by 6.5-inch footprint allows for installation flexibility in tight areas, while a unique mounting bracket slips onto the pump for easy mounting and removal. The series has a pumping performance of up to 84 gallons per hour and is offered in both 115 V 60 Hz and 230 V 50/60 Hz models. CHECK OR CIRCLE #156 NEW THERMOSTAT FEATURES WI-FI CONNECTIVITY, WEATHER ACCESS The new Bosch Connected Control (BCC100) is a full-color, 5-inch, touch-screen thermostat that brings convenience and functionality to the home with Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing remote monitor- ing and control of home HVAC systems. The ther- mostat saves energy and money by automatically turning the heating and cooling on and off to maintain temperature while homeowners are out of the house. The BCC100 is programmable, giving users the option to either follow factory-loaded presets or create their own, personalized schedule. Its intuitive scheduling menu helps maintain the most comfortable environment, with a dedicated terminal for humidifying or dehumidifying functions. The BCC100 is compatible with the majority of HVAC systems on the market. CHECK OR CIRCLE #157 Outdoor Unit Paired with Multifamily Indoor Fan Coil Leads to Greater Effi ciency Multifamily facility managers now have a new way to achieve higher climate control effi- ciency through a new Carrier product pairing. Carrier's 24 volt interface will achieve greater energy efficiency by combining a variable speed, single-zone outdoor unit with an indoor fan coil. The new pairing achieves maximum energy efficiency by combining a ductless single-zone outdoor unit with a multifamily indoor fan coil, matched with a 24 volt interface and the Côr thermostat or another compatible third-party thermostat. This new pairing is available in a kit that includes the 24 volt interface, as well as detailed instructions on how to install the pairing. CHECK OR CIRCLE #160 Save Energy Systems Updates HVAC Management System Save Energy Systems recently announced numerous fea- ture updates to its patented Demand-Limiting Controller HVAC management system. The system is designed for small- to medium-size businesses such as health clubs, auto dealers, retailers, offices and distribution/logistics warehouses. The intelligent, networked HVAC management system enables precise con- trol of any HVAC system. The enhancements provide even greater control of the climate in different zones of a building, the ability to detect the optimum conditions to cycle down HVAC compressors, machine learning of optimal start-up times and duct supply tempera- ture monitoring to prevent coil freeze-up. CHECK OR CIRCLE #158 FOR MORE INFORMATION: Enter ID number at HVACPproducts.com/market or circle on card. HVACPproducts.com HVAC & Plumbing Product News \ Fall 2017 32

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