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/ I A Q / d i s t r i b u t i o n & v e n t i l a t i o n products /hvac FOR MORE INFORMATION: Circle on card or enter ID number at HVACPproducts.com/market. /IAQ NEW CENTRIFUGAL ATOMIZING HUMIDIFIER MAKES HAVING CLEAN AIR A BREEZE The new ComfortBreeze CB777 centrifugal atomizing humidifier from Trion is installed onto the return duct where a superfine mist is generated, quickly absorbed into the air and distributed into the home. The humidi- fier can also operate as a freestanding unit where a superfine mist is fed directly into a room. The humidistat automatically controls the operations to ensure that the proper amount of moisture is added into the air. The humidistat is either installed on the interior wall or in the cold air return duct upstream from the unit. There are no pads or filters to change, so maintenance is minimized. CHECK OR CIRCLE #153 ADVANCED ELECTRODE HUMIDIFIER FEATURES VERSATILE DESIGN, INTUITIVE SELF-DIAGNOSTICS Honeywell's new Advanced Electrode Humidifier offers a versatile design and intui- tive self-diagnostics to deliver on-demand humidification quickly and consistently. Easily installed, the humidifier works using standard water, regardless of its hardness (a non-soft- ened cold water line is recommended). Built with consumers' connected homes in mind, the humidifier is compatible with Honeywell's latest pro-quality thermostat setups, like the Prestige IAQ and the VisionPRO 8000, meaning easy app support on the TCC and Lyric apps. CHECK OR CIRCLE #151 PORTABLE AIR PURIFIER INCORPORATES PHOTO-CATALYTIC OXIDATION The CX1000 portable air purifier from Continental Fan deals with all facets of air purification: particle removal, chemical neutralization and living organism abate- ment. The CX1000 provides up to 1,000 square feet of complete air purification. Using patented technology, the air purifier incorporates photo-catalytic oxida- tion that uses UVC light to activate a highly reactive catalyst. This process converts toxic compounds into benign constituents, such as water and carbon dioxide. The CX1000 air purifier features an electronic sensor that constantly monitors air quality and automatically increases airflow to compensate for periods of unusu- ally high chemical activity or particle count. Warning lights signal the presence of toxic chemicals and fumes well before they reach dangerous levels or become detectable to the human senses. CHECK OR CIRCLE #152 /distribution & ventilation New Soffi tt Fitting Saves Contractors Time, Money Owners of newly constructed homes often experience issues with bathroom fans that don't adequately remove moisture and odors, which can lead to call backs for the contractor. Plus, if it's not corrected, today's "air tight" homes may likely experi- ence mold or mildew problems, creating significant issues. Home building profes- sional and inventor Joe Nagan has designed and developed EZSoffitVent to address this problem. Launched in partnership with Panasonic Eco-Solutions, EZSoffitVent allows the bathroom fan installing contractor to complete all the ductwork in one trip — the installer will only need to cut the hole in the soffit panel for the vent grille. Panasonic had the EZSoffitVent certified through the Home Ventilating Institute and it is manufactured by BathFan Solutions, LLC. CHECK OR CIRCLE #149 Ruskin Introduces 5-inch Vertical Louver The EME520V wind-driven, rain-resistant stationary louver is the newest louver offering from Ruskin. This five-inch vertically oriented louver has best-in-class wind-driven rain performance (Class A at 29 and 50 mph), along with good pressure drop. The EME520V is constructed of extruded aluminum for low maintenance and high resistance to corro- sion, and is AMCA certified for both wind-driven rain protection and air performance. The EME520V's closely spaced vertical blades prevent penetration of wind-driven rain, reduc- ing damage and additional operating expenses. The louver features 43 percent free area, mechanically fastened construction and visible mullion construction. CHECK OR CIRCLE #148 Low-Flow, High-Performance Fume Hoods Updated UniFlow AireStream low-flow, high-perfor- mance fume hoods feature an all-composite resin construction that is chemical resistant, flame retardant, lightweight and meets UL 1805, SEFA 1, ASHRAE 110 and ANSI Z9.5 standards. These hoods have a molded one-piece seamless composite resin interior fume chamber that has all coved corners and is white for superior light reflectivity. The hoods are available in sizes from 30 to 96 inches wide and in depths of 24 to 48 inches, and in CAV (air bypass) or VAV (restricted bypass) models. A wide selection of accessories and services are optional to meet exact user requirements. CHECK OR CIRCLE #150 HVACPproducts.com HVAC & Plumbing Product News \ Fall 2017 30

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