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/ t o o l s products /plumbing New Dewalt PEX Expander Features 5 Interchangeable Expander Heads The new Dewalt 20V MAX 1" PEX Expander can expand 3/8- to 1-inch PEX-A Tubing. A popular alternative to copper pipe, PEX-A (Polyethylene Cross Fiber Pipe) is commonly used in commercial and residential installation of pipework for potable drinking water, radiant heating and residential fire sprinklers. Five interchangeable PEX expander heads are available. The tool rotates each of these heads evenly to ensure consistent expansion around the diameter of the pipe. The 20V MAX 1" PEX Expander features a dual-sided, heavy-duty hang hook and belt hook that can be mounted on either side of the tool. A bright LED light helps to illuminate the work area. In addition, the long trigger can be actuated at any point, making it easy to use in a variety of orienta- tions between joists or under sinks. CHECK OR CIRCLE #134 Eff ortlessly Remove Blockages with PowerClear Drain Cleaner Tub, shower and sink blockages are no match for the new Ridgid PowerClear Drain Cleaning Machine. The compact and versatile machine elimi- nates clogs from lines ¾ to 1 ½ inches in diameter without the mess. Weighing 12 pounds, the lightweight design makes it easy to handle while still being powerful enough to clear the toughest blockages. Its 120 V motor feeds cable at a rate of 18 feet per minute to a maximum of 25 feet and its clear cover allows users to view how much cable is remaining. The heavy-duty inner core cable is also purpose-built for long life, increased strength and kink resistance. An easy pull drain plug extends cable life by draining excess water from the machine after each use to help avoid corrosion. CHECK OR CIRCLE #135 Make Straight, Easy Cuts in PVC with New Ratcheting Pipe Cutter Milwaukee Tool continues to deliver productivity-enhancing solutions for plumbing and HVAC professionals with the introduction of 1 5/8-inch and 2 3/8-inch Ratcheting Pipe Cutters, engineered with the blade durability needed to deliver straight and easy cuts in PVC, CPVC, PEX, rubber hose and ABS. The durable stainless steel blade of the new pipe cutters is designed with a pierce point that penetrates the pipe instead of crushing or cracking it — a common failure of other ratcheting pipe cut- ters available on the market. For added utility and productivity, the handles can be locked closed with one hand. CHECK OR CIRCLE #136 WOHLER FLUE GAS ANALYZER FEATURES COMPACT HOUSING, ADVANCED SENSOR TECHNOLOGY Wohler USA introduces its latest innovation, the Wohler A 450 Flue Gas Analyzer. The flue gas analyzer offers all measurement and tuning functions. The Wohler A 450 combustion analyzer features rugged yet compact housing, a touch-screen monitor and advanced sensor technology. The analyzer provides the flexibility needed for applications such as checking furnace efficiency, boiler tuning and water heater checks. It also offers transmission of all measurement data to a mobile device per wireless LAN. CHECK OR CIRCLE #137 FOR MORE INFORMATION: Enter ID number at HVACPproducts.com/market or circle on card. /tools Compression-Sleeve Fitting System Now Available in Additional Diameters REHAU announces the expansion of its new EVERLOC+ compression-sleeve fitting system to include 1 ¼-, 1 ½- and 2-inch diameters for commercial plumbing and hydronic piping applications. The system includes couplings, tees, elbows, transition fittings, multi-port tees and accessories in sizes up to 2 inches. The fittings are produced from a polyphenylsulfone material, and lead- free brass fittings are produced from ECO Brass (UNS C69300). The power tools feature color-coded, quick-change expander heads and compression jaws. Jaws can be positioned in various orientations to accommodate many installation scenarios. CHECK OR CIRCLE #138 HVACPproducts.com HVAC & Plumbing Product News \ Fall 2017 26

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