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/ v a l v e s / p i p i n g plumbing/ products www.PowerMate.info PowerMate has a top of the line maintenance free battery, extruded aluminum construction, and an integrated load locking safety feature. & LiftGates ® w Start Saving Now.. 1-800-697-6283 M0399200 CIRCLE ID #20 ON READER SERVICE CARD OR GO TO HVACPPRODUCTS.COM/MARKET SOCKET FUSE PIPE, FITTINGS THE SMART WAY WITH NEW BENCHTOP MACHINE The McElroy SmartFab 125 is a benchtop machine offering a smarter way to socket fuse pipe and fittings for polypropylene piping systems used in HVAC and plumbing applications. The machine is portable and can be positioned on any flat surface for precise prefabrication on large assemblies. It features four jaws that adjust to any desired spacing and each jaw clamps individually, which allows for a greater com- bination of pipe and fitting sizes. Advanced features include innovative inserts, which have the ability to reduce ovality in pipe and fittings. It also has the added convenience of a pivoting heater so that it can easily accommodate fittings located on either side of the machine. CHECK OR CIRCLE #131 Pro-Pal Step-Saving Valves with Press Connections Added to Product Lineup Webstone's latest installment of Pro-Connect Press products includes two more step-saving valves for the professional: Press Purge Tee and Press Purge & Fill. These exclusive items offer patented single- body brass designs to save space, time and money. The valves are compatible with all popular press tools and are guaranteed for life. Webstone, which operates as a brand of NIBCO, designs residen- tial and commercial valves used in plumbing, hydronic, radiant, solar and geothermal applica- tions. The company's designs simplify future maintenance and upkeep of all piping systems. CHECK OR CIRCLE #133 New End Caps Require No Tools, Make Secure Connections The new ProLock End Caps from John Guest can act as emergency water stoppers and can be used for pressure testing rough-ins and temporarily capping off instal- lations. Its body is manufactured from high-quality engineered plastic allowing the black caps to be UV-resistant outdoors as well. Suitable for use with copper, PEX or CPVC pipe, these products require no tools to make secure, leak-proof connec- tions. The end caps are also lead-free and carry a 25-year warranty against defects in materials or manufacturing. CHECK OR CIRCLE #130 Metrafl ex Introduces UPC Listed Expansion Joints Uniform Plumbing Code certification has been given to the Metraloop copper sweat end and press fit end expansion joint. This new UPC certification reassures engineers and plumbing contractors they are specifying and installing the right products. Metraloop UPC listed expansion joints come in ±4-inch movements for both sweat end and press fit end expansion joints. Metraloop copper sweat end expansion joints are available in sizes from ½ inch through 4 inches. The expansion joints are proven to virtually eliminate thrust loads while requiring minimal guiding. The press fit copper joint is the perfect solution to protect press fit systems when an expansion joint is needed. The expansion joints are compatible with all press fit systems. CHECK OR CIRCLE #129 /valves /piping AQUATECHNIK PIPE, FITTINGS REACH NORTH AMERICAN MARKETPLACE The new aquatechnik Fusion-Tech UV Black PP-RCT 125 and PP-R Super 80 pipe and fittings have recently been introduced to the North American marketplace. Fusion-Tech UV Black piping features a proprietary UV-resistant additive built into the resins for the outer layer of NSF- certified aquatechnik fusion pipe, as well as fittings. The piping meets the certification requirements of the NSF/ANSI 14 standards. It may be extruded in piping diameters from ½ inch through 16 inches. The piping excelled during independent testing, which involved an accelerated aging process that lasted 10,000 hours. Instruments measured the effects of light, oxidation and moisture on the pipes. With an overall UV radia- tion nearing 800 KLy, the test did not show any significant change in physical or chemical characteristics of the material. CHECK OR CIRCLE #132

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