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6. VERSATILE PUMP DELIVERS OPTIMAL HYDRONIC PERFORMANCE USING LOW-ENERGY CONSUMPTION Grundfos is expanding its line of energy-efficient Alpha circulator pumps with the variable speed Alpha1, which has a duty range that can replace every single-speed and 3-speed circulator in its class. Alpha1 has the highest torque rating and most powerful start feature of any comparable circulator and offers three simple-to-operate con- stant-pressure modes. The LED display ensures the pump is delivering the optimal hydronic heat- ing and/or hot water recirculation flow rate at the lowest possible energy consumption. CHECK OR CIRCLE #111 7. EXTENDED VALVE LINE FOR HYDRONIC SYSTEMS OFFERS FAST, EASY CIRCUIT BALANCING The 132 Series Quicksetter static balancing valve line from Caleffi has been expanded. The new flanged valve is used to balance fluid flow in hydronics heating or cooling distribution branch piping systems. The valve has ANSI 125 cast iron flanges with adjustable flow ranges. An integral flowmeter with non-wetted flow scale permits fast and easy circuit balancing without the need for differential pressure gauges and charts. A smooth hand wheel movement allows for high adjustment accuracy. The rotation indicator has a tamper-resistant lock. The valve is cooling and heating rated from 14 to 230 F and is glycol compatible (up to 50 percent concentra- tion). Flowmeter isolation valves protect meters from debris and facilitate ease of meter removal and service. CHECK OR CIRCLE #112 8. MAGNETIC FILTRATION SOLUTION COMBATS IRON OXIDE, RESTORES HYDRONICS SYSTEM EFFICIENCY Iron oxide represents a serious problem for hy- dronic heating systems. Buildup of this damaging sludge can reduce heat transfer to the home and reduce boiler efficiency. The new MagnaClean Professional2XP from Adey virtually eliminates the problem. It is designed to fit the most commonly used NPT pipe size and can handle both large resi- dential and light commercial applications. The magnetic filtration solution is part of a five-step best practice process pioneered by Adey. Each step in the system combats water quality issues to maintain total hydronic heating system health, optimizing system performance and efficiency. CHECK OR CIRCLE #113 10. THREE ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS TO ALL HYDRONICS SYSTEMS FEATURED IN ONE DEVICE Calefactio Solutions recently introduced The One expansion tank, a device combining an expansion tank, air and dirt separator, resulting in important savings. The combination allows important time, money and space savings while minimizing the risks of leaks. The One is designed to be durable, easy to install and maintain. Its EPDM bladder protects the shell from any and all contact with heating fluid that would cause corrosion and eventually threaten its proper functioning. Its bladder is replaceable and is equipped with a drain valve for easy mainte- nance. The high-efficiency air and dirt separator quickly reduce fluid velocity because of its large diameter and slots. CHECK OR CIRCLE #115 11. CONDENSING BOILER DELIVERS OPTIMUM TURNDOWN FOR HYDRONICS SYSTEMS Cleaver-Brooks has launched the ClearFire-CE (CFC-E) condensing boiler that can achieve up to 99 percent efficiency due to its enhanced AluFer firetube heat exchanger and dual temperature returns. Constructed of duplex stainless steel, the CFC-E performs well in hydronics systems with a variety of design temperatures. It features excellent corrosion resistance and can withstand thermal shock. A low-emissions premix burner is built into the CFC-E. The self-regulating, gas valve/venturi sys- tem, combined with ECM variable-speed blower technology delivers true linear modulation control with optimum turndown for hydronics systems. The burner automatically adjusts for combustion air density changes, resulting in a consistent fuel- air-ratio performance without additional actuators and controls. CHECK OR CIRCLE #116 12. ELECTRIC WATER HEATER FEATURES 3-ELEMENT ENERGY BOOSTER DESIGN The new Everlast Light Duty Commercial Electric water heater from HTP Comfort Solutions features the use of durable and lightweight 316L Stainless Steel for the inner tank design. A three-element energy booster design provides increased recovery for maximum output and first-hour delivery. The new water heater is also available with a greater range of input options and wiring configurations to maximize instal- lation flexibility for a multitude of applications. In addition, it has been certified by Intertek and conforms to the Department of Energy's new definitions of a commercial water heater. CHECK OR CIRCLE #117 FOR MORE INFORMATION: Circle on card or enter ID number at HVACPproducts.com/market. hydronics/ cover 10 11 12 8 9 9. HYDRONIC CIRCULATOR FEATURES VARIABLE SPEED, HIGH-EFFICIENCY MOTOR The Taco 0015e3 by Taco Comfort Solutions is the only three-setting, ECM-powered circulator on the market. With three settings, the 0015e3 replaces all three-speed hydronic circulators in its class. Its variable-speed, high-efficiency ECM motor also uses up to 85 percent less electricity. The circulator is ideal for hydronics systems zoned with circulators or zone valves, and provides three maximum-feet-of-head pressure settings to match system requirements. Due to its energy-saving ECM design, the circulator qualifies for most state, regional and utility effi- ciency incentive programs. An integral flow check is included, and both two-bolt or two-way flange models are available. CHECK OR CIRCLE #114 HVACPproducts.com Fall 2017 \ HVAC & Plumbing Product News 13

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