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/ e t c plumbing/ products www. .info 1-800-697-6283 Save Time, Money & Your Back! M0393401 ® O F T H E ART STATE & LiftGates TECHNOLOGY POWERMATE ® HAS A TOP OF THE LINE MAINTENANCE FREE BATTERY, EXTRUDED ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION, AND AN INTEGRATED LOAD LOCKING SAFETY FEATURE. CIRCLE ID #20 ON READER SERVICE CARD OR GO TO HVACPPRODUCTS.COM/MARKET New Flow Meters Stand Up To Harsh Applications Badger Meter recently introduced two vortex flow meters: VN2000 Hot Tap and VN2000 Compact insertion vortex flow meters. The meters offer a durable and reliable solution for measuring the volumetric or mass flow rate of steam, gas or liquids over a large flow range. The meters are capable of mea- suring water as low as 1.32 feet per second and super-heated steam up to 250 feet per second. They are well-suited for applications involv- ing energy flow and heat transfer of saturated steam used for heating commercial buildings, hospitals and multi-building campuses. The heavy- duty construction of solid stainless steel stands up to the most abusive environments inside and outside the pipe. CHECK OR CIRCLE #160 Test-Tite Pressure Relief Pneumatic Test Plug Reduces Risk of Over-Infl ation The new, fully redesigned patent-pending Test-Tite Pressure Relief Pneumatic Test Plug from IPS Corporation incorporates exclusive features not found on any other test plug in the plumb- ing industry. Unlike standard test plugs, Test-Tite's PR plugs are manufactured with a one-piece rubber body that contains no seams or bonded parts and a patent-pending pressure-relieving system that is integrated into a glass-filled nylon core for protection and extra rigidity in the field. Functionally, the PR plugs accept air pressure via a pump and are designed to relieve any excess pressure before the plug is permanently deformed or reaches its failure point. Excess air is released into the atmosphere and not into the test area. CHECK OR CIRCLE #163 Take Control of Wastewater with Pivot Control Panels Tulsar Canada has recently updated and re-released its Pivot Series control panel that offers continuous monitoring of the holding tank in a home, business or vacation prop- erty. Floats monitor wastewater levels, turning on the pump to drain the water into the force main outside. Once the water drops to a safe level, the Pivot shuts off the pump, but continues to monitor to ensure water levels don't run too low and damage a pump and related equipment. The control panels include a high-level light, alarm test and silence buttons, and a visual and audible high-water alarm that will alert when a pump malfunctions. New features include more security with lockable controls and an alarm if it detects a leak in the pump. CHECK OR CIRCLE #161 /etc MagnaClean DualXP Bridges Gap between Residential, Heavy-Duty Commercial Magnetic Filters For contractors looking to solve problems caused by water quality issues with hydronic heating system installations in larger residential or light commercial applications, ADEY's MagnaClean DualXP provides a clear solution. Part of ADEY's proven line of magnetic filters, the MagnaClean DualXP virtually eliminates iron oxide in hydronic systems. The dual-chambered magnetic filter features two magnetic rods that capture nearly all of the suspended iron oxide sludge circulating in a system within minutes of installation. The double chambers also house four non-magnetic capture zones for larger circulating debris. Designed for 1½-inch copper and NPT iron pipework, the MagnaClean DualXP is ideal for large homes, as well as churches, offices, small retail structures and other lighter, nonresidential applica- tions. CHECK OR CIRCLE #162

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