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/ e t c . PIPE BENDER ELIMINATES COSTLY LINESET KINKS Easybend, by Castel Engineering and imported and distrib- uted by Marketair, is the industry's quickest, most reli- able soft copper pipe bender that eliminates variable refrigerant flow and mini-split lineset installation kinks. The easybend kit consists of four color-coded, industrial-grade, solid polyethylene mandrel diam- eters. It is 13 feet long and fits quickly but snugly into soft copper lineset tubing. The tool prevents collaps- ing and kinking while making bends of up to 180 degrees (dependent upon individual lineset manufacturer tolerances). Post-installation, it is easily extracted, wiped clean and reusable for future projects. CHECK OR CIRCLE #139 /etc. AC/Smartseal Quick Shot Repairs Refrigerant Leaks AC/Smartseal Quick Shot, by Cool Air Products, has been designed for leak repair and leak prevention with HVAC technicians in mind. The product comes with a re- usable injection hose and a one-time-use cartridge of sealant. The injection hose makes work easy for the operator, while the concentrated sealant solution is a 100 percent green product. It's also polymer-free, non-toxic and non-flammable, so op- erators don't have to worry about additional precaution- ary measures when han- dling. CHECK OR CIRCLE #140 SpeedClean Launches Heavy-Duty CoilShot Tablet SpeedClean's new CoilShot-HD Coil Cleaner Tablets are ideal for heavy-duty residential and commercial applica- tions, and have even greater degreasing and brightening capabilities to leave coils bright and shiny. These pre- measured tablets are designed for use with the CoilShot condenser cleaning tool. The CoilShot simply attaches to a garden hose, and the tablet dissolves to create a foaming coil cleaner that reaches deep into the coils to remove lodged dirt and debris. Once the cleaning is complete, turn the dial to a fresh rinse and remove all the remaining soap and residue. CHECK OR CIRCLE #141 HIGH-CAPACITY EXPANSION VALVE AVAILABLE DunAn Microstaq has introduced the production version of its High Capacity Modular Silicon Expansion Valve. It is the fastest-respond- ing refrigerant expansion valve that provides precise superheat control for the commercial HVAC and refrigera- tion industry. The valve's unique package design provides the capability to achieve multiple cooling capacities, ranging from 10 to 25 tons (R-410A), through the use of spool cartridges within the same size valve housing. This new feature will allow OEMS to meet their needs to purchase minimal or reduced number of SKUs and a single footprint valve for multiple different capacities system integration. CHECK OR CIRCLE #142 CIRCLE ID #18 ON READER SERVICE CARD OR GO TO HVACPPRODUCTS.COM/MARKET hvac/ products

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