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/ t o o l s / d i s t r i b u t i o n & v e n t i l a t i o n products /hvac FIELDPIECE INTRODUCES NEW WIRELESS REFRIGERANT SCALE Fieldpiece Instruments' SRS3 Wireless Refrigerant Scale delivers accurate measure- ments for residential or light commercial facilities and sends those measurements either to the SRS3 remote handle or, starting August 2017, directly to the Fieldpiece Job Link mobile app to record and document refrigerant use. The sealed platform of the SRS3 is made of heavy-duty aluminum and is water-resistant. The scale measures refrigerant tanks up to 252 pounds. Slotted rubber pads protect against impact and allow for any size refrigerant bottles to be held firmly in place. The scale features a remote with a bright blue backlight for use in poor lighting conditions. The strong magnetic- hinged top allows technicians to hang the remote at eye level while charging or recovering. After use, the remote stores safely in the platform. CHECK OR CIRCLE #137 HILMOR EXPANDS HVAC/R TOOL ARSENAL hilmor's Digital Adjustable Torque Wrench is critical for tighten- ing flare nuts on mini splits. The wrench gives technicians the peace of mind that comes with precision. The tool's digital screen displays the torque value while tightening, and its indicator LED lights and buzzer increase in intensity as the specified torque value is reached. The tool's adjustable head accommodates flare nuts from 1/4 inch to 11/16 inch, eliminating the need to carry multiple heads. Additional features include an ergonomic grip and nine memory settings for common torque valves. CHECK OR CIRCLE #138 Commercial Fan Line Features 24-Inch Wheel Direct Drive EC Motor Utility Set PennBarry has expanded the offering of its Direct Drive Dynamo centrifugal fans. The line now includes models up to 24-inch wheel diameter and Gplus (Green Plus) EC motor options up to 2 horsepower. The centrifugal fans are SWSI, Class I, Arrangement 4 general purpose air- moving devices designed for supply or exhaust applica- tions in commercial, institutional and industrial HVAC systems. Direct Drive Dynamo fans are designed to simplify installation and come with an increased number of standard options including a tool-free, quick-release motor cover for ease of main- tenance. Other options include integration with building management systems and compatibility with PennBarry's Intelligent Pressure Control Module and Multi-Speed Controller. Direct Drive Dynamo models are backed by AMCA sound and air perfor- mance certification, as well as UL and cUL. CHECK OR CIRCLE #134 Ruskin Introduces 3-Inch Louver with AMCA 540 Impact Resistance The EME3625DFL wind-driven rain-resistant stationary louver from Ruskin is the industry's only 3-inch louver with Air Movement and Control Association 540 impact resistance. Constructed of extruded aluminum for low maintenance and high resistance to corrosion, the louver is also AMCA 550-listed and is pending 2014 Florida Building Code approval. The EME3625DFL's closely spaced vertical blades prevent penetration of wind-driven rain, reducing damage and addi- tional operating expenses. The louver features 45 percent free area, all-welded construction and visible mullion construc- tion. Published performance ratings for the EME3625DFL, including excellent pressure-drop performance, are based on testing in accordance with AMCA Publication 500L. Ruskin covers all its products with a limited five-year warranty from the date of delivery. CHECK OR CIRCLE #133 /tools /distribution & ventilation DIFFUSER SATISFIES COMFORT, FUNCTIONALITY AND AESTHETICS NEEDS Titus's new TJD is a standard OMNI diffuser designed spe- cifically to address low air volume codes. While most air outlets typically work at 100 cfms, the patent-pending TJD performs at 20-50 cfms and throws air at 50 feet per minute up to nine feet from the diffuser. The high mixing increases the discharge isovel and its throw, providing uniform temperatures and equally distributed outside air throughout the space. TJD also earned a perfect 100 score during ASHRAE's extremely low air volume Air Diffusion Performance Index testing, proving the prod- uct's ability to satisfy functional and comfort requirements. That means building owners can achieve noticeable energy and opera- tions savings while ensuring occupant comfort. CHECK OR CIRCLE #135 MORE CONSTANT ECOFIT BLOWERS AVAILABLE FROM ROSENBERG USA Rosenberg USA is expanding its offer- ing of constant pressure and constant airflow blowers with two new 180x180L EC double inlet models from Ecofit. A new standard pressure/airflow model is also available. Constant pressure and constant airflow blowers automatically adjust to maintain optimum perfor- mance levels in changing conditions. The new forward-curved centrifugal blowers, designated the GDSV8 Series, are powered by 230 volt (actually 200 to 277 volt), 1-phase, 50/60 Hz EC motors. They run at speeds as high as 2,255 rpm and generate a maximum airflow of more than 1,000 cfm at free air. Speed control is possible through PWM, 0-10VDC, or a potenti- ometer. The electronically commutated motors in the new blowers allow for easy speed control, long life expectancy and low operating costs. The new fans are CE-approved and meet ErP 2015 efficiency requirements. CHECK OR CIRCLE #136 FOR MORE INFORMATION: Circle on card or enter ID number at HVACPproducts.com/market. HVACPproducts.com HVAC & Plumbing Product News \ Summer 2017 22

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