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/ e q u i p m e n t products /hvac /equipment Luxaire Launches Systems with Built-in Advanced Charge Monitoring The new Luxaire Acclimate Variable Capacity Residential Systems from Johnson Controls are high-efficiency residential systems with built-in advanced charge monitoring. Advanced technologies work together to offer greater precision and convenience in system operation, improved efficiency and homeowner comfort. Built-in Charge Smart monitoring on air conditioners and heat pumps helps ensure units are charged correctly when installed by providing a direct readout of high- and low- system pressures and suction and liquid line temperatures, while also calculating system superheat and subcooling, all without connecting gauges, sensors or accessories to the units. This quick and accurate means of measuring refrigerant charge saves contractors a significant amount of time during installation and routine maintenance as it maximizes service life and delivers homeowner peace of mind. CHECK OR CIRCLE #126 Geothermal Unit Harnesses Renewable Thermal Energy, Optimizes Performance Modine Manufacturing Company has unveiled its latest premium geothermal unit, the GeoSync Water-to-Air Geothermal Heat Pump. The heat pump harnesses the renewable thermal energy from water just below the ground's surface (groundwater) to heat and cool spaces. Features include a microchannel air coil, which significantly improves heating efficiency. The control system ensures not only that the unit will operate safely and reliably, but will also optimize performance to maintain maximum energy efficiency. Standard 4-inch MERV 11 filters ensure homeowners can easily and economically replace filters. CHECK OR CIRCLE #123 SEMI-CUSTOM COMMERCIAL AIR HANDLERS IDEAL FOR INDOOR, OUTDOOR APPLICATIONS Bosch Thermotechnology Corp. announced the Bosch Climate 6000 AH Semi-Custom Commercial Air Handler Series, providing commercial and industrial customers with improved indoor air/environmental quality by introduction of outside air, and removal of undesired exhaust air or large-space comfort conditioning. The series comes in 21 differ- ent sizes. Horizontal unit configurations range from 800 to 38,000 cfm, while vertical con- figurations are available in 800 to 4,000 cfm. The standard blower assembly consists of direct-driven inverter-duty totally enclosed, fan-cooled motors, with an airfoil fan wheel. A variable frequency drive is also included as a standard unit component. This combination of blower technology and VFD minimizes static efficiency losses and allows for maximum efficiency to meet precise airflow requirements. CHECK OR CIRCLE #124 AC Designed for Diffi cult-to-Access or Tight-Space Applications Trane announced the availability of its XR16 low-profile side discharge air-conditioning unit for split ducted systems. This high- performance, low-profile unit features a side discharge, making it ideal for difficult-to- install applications or in tight- space requirements where vertical discharge units prove less than optimal. The unit is available in 1.5 through 5 ton sizes. It is designed for challenging applications including zero lot-line situations, multi-family housing and condominium units and row houses. The XR16 is also ideal for applications on rooftops, under decks or anywhere else where space constraints make vertical discharge units impractical. The draw-through design ensures that air is not recirculated and dirt and debris are not drawn into the unit to stain the home or building. CHECK OR CIRCLE #127 Haier Launches FlexFit Pro Series Light Commercial Ductless AC Line Haier Ductless is launching a new ductless series de- signed for light commercial installation, as well as large residential applications. The FlexFit Pro series offers a number of options to make installation and inventory easy. The series is available from 24,000 to 48,000 Btu. The outdoor condenser unit can be used with three different types of indoor units for a wide variety of applications. Flexible installation is achieved with a long piping length up to a 230-foot and a 100- foot drop. CHECK OR CIRCLE #125 FOR MORE INFORMATION: Enter ID number at HVACPproducts.com/market or circle on card. HVACPproducts.com HVAC & Plumbing Product News \ Summer 2017 20

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