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1. TOTAL IAQ SYSTEM APPROACH SAVES ENERGY, IMPROVES EFFICIENCY OF HYDRONIC SYSTEMS 3fficiency's three components of Pinnacle, Neuton and active chilled beams combine to form an efficient hydronic system. 3fficiency can directly replace variable refrigerant flow and provide even more savings through the use of a water-to-water chiller and using the condenser water as the hot water for the system. 3fficiency is the HVAC industry's first total IAQ system approach to chilled beam design and it far surpasses the ASHRAE 90.1 energy standard by up to 30 percent. CHECK OR CIRCLE #106 2. ACHIEVE SUSTAINABILITY COMPLIANCE WITH FAMILY OF TOUCH-FREE FAUCETS Sloan's .35 gpm flow rate faucets allow archi- tects and designers to achieve LEED v4 com- pliance without sacrificing a smooth, sleek aesthetic. Faucets include the Optima and Sloan family of sensor products, each specifically designed to serve any commercial restroom environment with intelligent and touch-free applications. These new faucet models are now equipped with lower flow rates and shorter timeouts, achieving 30 percent or more in water usage reduction. CHECK OR CIRCLE #107 Products that save water, energy and costs W hen it comes to conservation, the most widely accepted understanding of the term is in regard to conserving natural resources. This is no doubt a top priority — as drought, water contamination and other conditions continue to threaten our water supply. Conservation efforts are also seen in the energy sector with investment in other sources of power such as solar and wind. Conservation efforts and advancements can also be seen in HVAC and plumbing products in energy-saving, water-saving and even time-saving products. The following represent a glimpse of the latest products on the market that save water, energy, time and overall costs. 3. AIR HANDLER OFFERS VERSATILITY, EFFICIENCY IN COMPACT SIZES WaterFurnace International's new 5 Series SAH Air Handler is available in 2-6 ton capacities and offers comfort, versatility and efficiency in three compact cabinet sizes. When paired with the 5 Series split system, the air handler provides the perfect solution for replacing an air conditioner or heat pump in homes with limited utility space. The air handler utilizes R-410A refrigerant and can be field adjusted to four configurations for a wide range of applications. An optional cased/ uncased coil is available for dual fuel applications, while an electric back-up heat option provides added peace of mind. CHECK OR CIRCLE #108 4. GOODMAN LAUNCHES EMERSON NEXT- GEN COMPRESSOR IN 16, 18 SEER UNITS Goodman Manufacturing is the first HVAC manufacturer to launch Emerson's new Copeland Scroll two-stage compressor that's designed to provide budget-minded homeowners high-energy efficiencies at an affordable, mid-tier price. The next-gen Copeland Scroll technology modulates between two stages of capacity, either 65 percent or 100 percent. Two internal bypass ports enable the compressor to run at part-load capacity when outdoor temperatures require only part-load cooling. When temperatures demand increase, the bypass ports are sealed, instantly shifting capacity back to 100 percent. The result is a system able to control temperature and humidity more precisely than traditional fixed- capacity systems. CHECK OR CIRCLE #109 5. HYBRID SYSTEM REDUCES COOLING TOWER SYSTEM WATER CONSUMPTION Johnson Controls' BlueStream Hybrid Cooling System features a groundbreaking technology — thermosyphon hybrid cooling — to reduce water consumption in traditional cooling tower systems by 25-80 percent compared to all-evaporative heat rejection systems. It also maintains peak process output and energy efficiency on the hot- test summer days. Used in conjunction with a traditional cooling tower, the BlueStream system features intel- ligent, web-connected controls that coordinate operation of both the wet and dry system compo- nents and adjust in all weather and thermal load conditions for optimum efficiency, utilizing "wet" cooling when it's hot and "dry" cooling when it's not. CHECK OR CIRCLE #110 3 cover /conservation Conservation Counts 1 4 5 2 HVACPproducts.com HVAC & Plumbing Product News \ Summer 2017 12

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