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1. MAGNACLEAN COMMERCIAL PROVIDES VITAL PROTECTION AGAINST IRON OXIDE SLUDGE MagnaClean Commercial's ASME-approved, pat- ented magnetic filtration system starts working immediately upon installation to remove virtually all of the suspended iron oxide that collects in hydronic systems, restoring total system health. By removing sludge, MagnaClean Commercial, from ADEY Professional Heating Solutions, re- stores peak performance, decreases maintenance costs and extends system life. It also offers a solution for the most common complaints in com- mercial hydronic systems, including poor system circulation and blocked system pipes and radia- tors. All units feature cast stainless steel canister bodies containing several magnetic rods. Multiple installation options allow for flexibility within any commercial application, and most can be installed in under a day. CHECK OR CIRCLE #106 2. NEW TECHNOLOGY IMPROVES AIR QUALITY, REDUCES ENERGY CONSUMPTION By cleaning and recycling the indoor air instead of replacing it with outside air, enVerid's HVAC Load Reduction system decreases the outside air intake required to ventilate a building by 60-80 percent and also reduces peak HVAC capacity, resulting in up to 40 percent lower utility demand charges. The HLR module solution removes carbon dioxide, formaldehyde and volatile organic com- pounds from indoor air, thereby reducing energy consumption by 20-40 percent and lowering HVAC costs, while improving indoor air quality. With HLR technology, end-users benefit from decreased maintenance costs and extended life of existing equipment. The HLR technology is also eligible for local utility rebate programs and has earned signifi- cant LEED credits. CHECK OR CIRCLE #107 D espite today's ongoing threats to clean air and water such as contaminants and aging infrastructure, there continues to be product innovations that improve indoor air quality and help keep fresh water flowing. The following products are a snapshot of the latest products on the market. 3. GAS-FIRED ISOTHERMAL HUMIDIFIER DELIVERS AWARD-WINNING IAQ The GS Series CS Model from Nortec is a gas-fired isothermal humidifier producing hygienic and atmospheric steam, and fulfills a wide range of humidification requirements for indoor environ- ments. The humidifier recently received top honors in the AHR Innovation Awards in the category of indoor air quality. Delivering more than 93 percent total efficiency, the humidifier employs a secondary heat ex- changer to preheat water before entering the tank, while subsequently cooling down combustion exhaust gases. The result is a reduction of exhaust gas temperatures by more than 50 percent, for flexibility in venting options (both BH and CPVC). A low-emissions version is also available. CHECK OR CIRCLE #108 4. KEEPING AIR 'CLEAN & GREEN' WITH THE DYNAMIC V8 The Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System delivers better IAQ while dramatically reducing energy and operating costs. The system uses two-thirds-less fan energy than MERV14 passive filters. MERV15 performance removes odors and VOCs in addi- tion to ultrafine particles. The Dynamic V8 delivers lower maintenance costs with filter replacement intervals mea- sured in years instead of months. And Dynamic Air Cleaners can reduce outside ventilation air requirements. CHECK OR CIRCLE #109 5. PREWIRED SAFETY CONTROLLER IMPROVES OPERATOR PROTECTION The new UL 1995-compliant safety controller puts facilities almost three years ahead of the November 2019 deadline that requires all HVAC access points to automatically de-energize the UV-C system when opened. Prior to the prewired system, contractors would have to individually install and wire each access point via conduit, increasing labor costs. The new prewired controller offers HVAC contractors a plug-and-play system, which regulates up to six safety interlock switches/ access doors, greatly reducing this labor-intensive procedure. CHECK OR CIRCLE #110 6. FRESH-AIRE UV, LUX PRODUCTS UNVEIL WHOLE-HOME AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEM Fresh-Aire UV and LUX Products have introduced the airSMART IAQ system, a proactive, integrated indoor air quality monitoring, controlling and purification system for residential applications. The system neutralizes air pollutants in a home's central air system and indoor environments. The three-component system includes an indoor air quality monitor (Foobot), Wi-Fi smart thermostat (Lux/GEO) and a whole-house air purification 6 1 3 cover /clean air & water Clearing the Air, Keeping Water Clean 2 4 5 HVACPproducts.com HVAC & Plumbing Product News \ Spring 2017 12

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