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& LiftGates Start Saving Now...1-800-697-6283 • Reduces the chance of personal injury. • Lowers labor costs. • Increases job efficiency and productivity. • Factory authorized operator training. • Improves degree of customer service. • Loads are moved in a fraction of the time. • Equipment pays for itself and increases profits. www. PowerMate .info time & labor Save MONEY 1500 lbs. Lifts up to M3308100 ® /ventilation New 'Split Passive' Heat Pipe Line Optimizes Energy Recovery Performance Heat Pipe Technology's new "split passive" HRM-V with Dynamic Seasonal Offset line was recently launched. The product joins a line of heat pipes that offers economical and reliable energy recovery from building exhaust air for preheating or precooling of ventilation air. The new offset line optimizes the energy recovery performance of HVAC systems where supply and exhaust air streams are on the same level. The HRM-V's line supply and exhaust sections are equipped with integral, partial-face dampers and actua- tors on the entering side of both air-sup- ply and air-exhaust sections of an HVAC system. Performance enhancement can be achieved by tuning the dampers to direct air flow through sections of the heat pipes to create an offset effect. CHECK OR CIRCLE #137 Greenheck Introduces Axial Transfer Fans for Car Parks Greenheck's new GreenJet axial transfer fans provide ventilation for ductless underground parking applica- tions. Installation costs are reduced by eliminating the need for ductwork in the garage area, and the low- profile design helps to lower garage construction costs by reducing floor-to-floor heights. The GreenJet Model GJX is a robust direct drive axial fan that requires minimal maintenance. It utilizes an efficient airfoil propeller designed to move high vol- umes of air through a smaller-diameter fan. The fans are available with inlet and outlet attenuation to keep sound levels low. Model GJX is AMCA Licensed for Air Performance and UL/cUL Listed for Electrical (UL/cUL-705) and Power Ventilators for Smoke Control. CHECK OR CIRCLE #138 Ventilation System Makes Access to Fresh Air a Breeze United CoolAir Corporation has introduced Alpha Aire to complement its outside air product offerings. This all-indoor concept is a low-cfm single- source ventilation system that includes a direct expansion system with an energy-recovery wheel and plate heat exchanger. The system is a highly efficient unit that provides fresh air at very low dew points. It is designed for classrooms, fitness centers, hotels and a variety of applications where fresh air is required. The easy-to-install units are designed for easy maintenance. One such feature is the ability to change the compressor without recovering refrig- erant, evacuation and brazing inside the building. The compressor can be replaced using an adjustable wrench and socket set. CHECK OR CIRCLE #136 Fans Reduce Energy Consumption, Feature Computer- Optimized Blade Design Multi-Wing's EMAX4 Fans provide up to 77 per- cent total efficiency. The fans have a computer- optimized blade design for maximum performance. Customized to meet customer's requirements, EMAX4 decreases noise by 2 to 3 dB and reduces energy consumption in air-cooled condensers, commercial refrigeration, chillers, cooling towers, evaporators and more. A modular design, EMAX4 is available with 5, 6, 7, 9 or 12 blades in diameters from 22 to 36 inches (559 to 914 mm). Blades are constructed of glass- reinforced polyamide and the hub is made from pressure die- cast silicon alumi- num alloy. CHECK OR CIRCLE #139 CIRCLE ID #21 ON READER SERVICE CARD OR GO TO HVACPPRODUCTS.COM/MARKET HVAC/ products

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