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Building Envelope Product Ideal for Sealing around HVAC, Plumbing Penetrations DuPont FlexWrap EZ is a flexible and versatile self-adhered flash- ing tape designed to seal around small exterior penetrations of all different shapes and sizes. It is ideal for flashing around the many smaller electrical, HVAC and plumbing penetrations as a fast and easy solution to help improve energy efficiency and the durability of a wall system. The split release liner aids in a quick-and-easy installation. CHECK OR CIRCLE #130 products /plumbing /etc. Toilet Auger Clears Blockages Faster, With Less Effort Quickly eliminate blockages in toilets and urinals with the Ridgid K-6P and K-6P XL Toilet Augers. Ideal for plumbing contractors, each auger can be used manually or be connected to a battery-powered drill for extra obstruction-busting muscle. Both the K-6P and K-6P XL have a quick-lock adjustment feature to ex- tend the cable initially to three feet for toilet bowl clearing and then to six feet to clear beyond the bowl. Zinc-plated steel tubing resists rust and corrosion, while heavy-duty tri-wrap cable pro- vides optimum strength and durability. The vinyl cover provides protection for toilet porcelain. Battery-powered drills with a maximum 500 rpm can be used with each auger for tough blockages. In addition, the K-6P XL comes with two interchangeable heads for extra- demanding jobs. CHECK OR CIRCLE #135 New Drain System Features Integrated Brush Component for Simple Clog Removal The new Go Green Drain system is an easy access P-Trap, designed to work with existing plumbing under bathroom sinks. The integrated brush com- ponent guarantees the removal of any clog without dismantling the entire pipe assembly. The brush prevents small objects from moving further into the plumbing system, holding them stationary for easy removal. Simply unscrew the cap and remove the brush to dislodge clogs and retrieve small objects. While Go Green Drains may intro- duce multiple pipe sizes in the future, they currently fit directly onto 1 ΒΌ-inch pipes. Go Green Drains may work with other size drains with a converter kit. CHECK OR CIRCLE #131 Armstrong Introduces Stainless Steel High-Efficiency Circulator Armstrong Fluid Technology's Compass R20-75 circulator is now available in stainless steel construction. Designed for use in potable water systems, the new stainless steel model features a dry rotor de- sign, as well as advanced variable speed Design Envelope technology, Armstrong iECMTM motors and quadratic control to minimize both energy costs and long-term operating costs for homeowners. The quadratic control algorithm offers operating efficiencies better than standard variable speed solu- tions, and even greater system energy savings are possible with the 0-1V dc input signal connection to external systems. CHECK OR CIRCLE #133 COMBI CONTROLLER DESIGNED TO HELP CONSERVE WATER, ABATE VANDALISM The Willoughby WUCC-3010 Electronic Water Usage Combi Controller is a standalone electronic module de- signed to control the operation of electronic valves on a single lavatory/toilet combination fixture, either from inside an individual toilet fixture or from the mechani- cal chase. The controller is capable of controlling a total of three low-voltage solenoid valves: two lavatory valves (one hot valve and one cold valve) and one electronic flush valve. An electronic toilet overflow sensor is integrated into the WUCC-3010 for use with fixtures manufactured with overflow sensor capabilities. All input, output and power functions of the controller have corresponding LED diag- nostic indicators for testing and monitoring, as well as a reset push button to restore controller functionality. The controller comes with a hard-wired 110VAC to 24VAC trans- former and appropriate WUCC-KIT controller wiring kit. It is recommended for facilities that would benefit from water conservation, usage control and the abatement of poten- tial vandalism. CHECK OR CIRCLE #132 /tools REUSABLE HEAT-ABSORPTION PUTTY PROTECTS FROM RESIDUAL SPARK DAMAGE Hot Block is a pliable, formable putty-textured packing for protect- ing nearby HVAC/R and plumbing pipe, valves, components and surfaces from damaging heat con- duction, transfer and sparks during jobsite brazing, soldering and welding for commercial refrigeration, air conditioning and plumbing systems. Hot Block is reusable dozens of times, because its proprietary formulation is easily rejuvenated with a spritz of water before storing back into its 8 ounce (metric) plastic jar. Besides absorbing heat, Hot Block can also prevent nearby drywall or wood from igniting, existing fitting joints from unsoldering or flange bolt/nut threads, valves and sensitive equipment from residual spark damage. RectorSeal LLC is the U.S. and Canadian distributor of Hot Block. CHECK OR CIRCLE #134 FOR MORE INFORMATION: Circle on card or enter ID number at HVACPproducts.com/market. HVACPproducts.com HVAC & Plumbing Product News \ Summer 2018 24

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