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6. MULTI-SITE WIRELESS HYGRO- THERMOMETER MONITORS AIR QUALITY Extech Instruments has launched the RH200W multi-channel wireless hygro-thermometer. The new meter accurately tracks and displays tem- perature and humidity readings with up to eight remote sensors. It is equipped to give users the big picture on temperature and humidity condi- tions and indoor air quality. Facilities maintenance technicians and HVAC/R technicians use the thermometer to quickly investigate temperature and humid- ity complaints around a commercial space. Monitoring multiple points at a site can identify issues such as poor ventilation, too-hot/-cold conditions and too-high/-low humidity levels that impact workplace productivity and potentially increase illness-related absenteeism. The base station connects wirelessly with remote sensors that can be placed up to almost 100 feet away indoors or outdoors. CHECK OR CIRCLE #111 7. AQUATHERM GREEN PIPE IDEAL FOR POTABLE WATER APPLICATIONS Aquatherm Green Pipe is a polypropylene-ran- dom pressure piping system designed specifical- ly for potable water piping technology. It features exceptional chemical purity and outstanding physical durability. It is potable water (NSF 61) and food rated (NSF 51), making it an ideal distribution main system for hospitals, schools, high-rise buildings, hotels, sports facilities and many other projects. Aquatherm Green Pipe's hydrophobic material is resistant to hard water and aggressive chemicals, and will never leach, corrode or erode. Sizes range from ½ to 18 inches nominal diameter, and are available with multi- layer, faser-composite technology that reduces linear expansion. CHECK OR CIRCLE #112 8. NEW COOLING TOWER CLEANING SOLUTION HELPS MANAGE LEGIONELLA Goodway Technologies introduces a new cool- ing tower cleaning solution that disinfects hard, non-porous surfaces, in one simple step. The EPA- registered BioSpray Tower kills 99.9 percent of legionella pneumophila when it is properly applied to hard, non-porous surfaces like cooling towers. Features include a labor-saving, no-rinse formula. It is best to use undiluted for maximum effectiveness. BioSpray Tower is most effective when used as part of an overall maintenance program or as part of an emergency cleaning procedure. CHECK OR CIRCLE #113 10. FLEXIBLE R-12 FIBERGLASS DUCT LINER GUARDS AGAINST DUST, DIRT Johns Manville released a flexible fiberglass duct liner with an R-12 thermal resistivity rating. This insulation is designed specifically to meet the new code requirements set forth by the IECC in 2015 that mandate the use of R-12 insulation on ducts in unconditioned spaces in climate zones 5-8. The thermally robust duct liner has a glass-mat surface coated with Permacote, an acrylic, anti- microbial coating designed to help protect the airstream surface. This coating serves a three- fold purpose. First, it helps create a more durable airstream surface. Second, the coating helps guard against dust or dirt entering the substrate, minimiz- ing the potential for microbial growth. Third, the reinforced coating surface provides superior resistance to incidental water penetration into the fiberglass wool core. CHECK OR CIRCLE #115 11. POINT-OF-USE WATER DISPENSER LINE FEATURES UV LIGHT PURIFICATION Elkay's BluPura point-of-use water dispensers are available for universities, healthcare establish- ments, offices, hotels, restaurants and entertain- ment environments. Manufactured in Italy, the water-dispensing products provide convenient large quantities of ambient or cold still water and sparkling carbonated water. Products are made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel for easy recyclability. Hygiene also is of utmost impor- tance, as well, and some BluPura products feature UV light purification, helping to prevent bacterial growth. The Elkay by BluPura line offers five water- dispensing products: Fontemagna Compact, Blubar Countertop, Fontemagna Bridge, Carbonation Chiller and Column Tap. CHECK OR CIRCLE #116 12. HANDHELD INDOOR AIR QUALITY MONITOR FOR VOCS IDEAL FOR HOSPITALS, CLEAN ROOMS The AQ VOC from E Instruments is a compact, handheld and easy-to-use VOC monitor and data- logger ideal for laboratories, clean rooms, hospitals and many other applications. The internal sampling pump coupled with user-friendly PC software, allows for quick and accurate measurements that can be reviewed instantaneously or at a later time. A large internal memory holds 2,000 tests. The standard model reads temp, percentage of relative humidity, barometric air pressure and differential pressure. CHECK OR CIRCLE #117 FOR MORE INFORMATION: Circle on card or enter ID number at HVACPproducts.com/market. cover 9. NEW CONDENSING GAS-FIRED HUMIDIFIER COMBINES HIGH EFFICIENCY, ULTRA-LOW NOX IN ONE UNIT Dri-Steem Corporation has introduced a new gas-fired humidifier that combines the highest efficiency on the market with ultra-low NOx in a single unit. Ultra-low nitrogen oxide emissions of under 20 ppm conform to South Coast Air Quality Management District 1146.2 air quality manage- ment standards for gas-fired humidifiers. The GTS humidifier LX series offers steam capacities from 50 to 150 pounds per hour, giving the series the flexibility to tackle almost any application. A condensing design provides for highest efficiency and PVC venting, which saves money on energy costs with greater than 90 percent efficiency. In addition, a 5:1 turndown ratio for accurate humidity control is accomplished through a wide range of load conditions, providing consistent output from low to maximum demand. CHECK OR CIRCLE #114 8 9 10 11 12 HVACPproducts.com Summer 2018 \ HVAC & Plumbing Product News 13

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